Campus Recruitment Partners

A registered employer can be facilitated following services-
1) Use database for employee & candidates.
2) Able to set criteria of search which help directly to specific candidates.
3) A team of Milestone will help directly user to organize interview, support and criteria setting as per specific requirement etc.
4) Recruiter will be access, full database of job seeker/candidates, eg. Brief profile,email id , contact and resume.
Membership Plan- Option (A)
Plan Validity Set of criteria Payable Charges(in Rs.)
Silver 3 Month Single State 2000/-
Gold 6 Month 3 State 3000/-
Platinum 1 Year 5 State(could be customize) 5000/-
Membership Plan- Option (B)
Consultancy professional fees are as follows:
Positions Recruitment Charges Replacement
All Positions 8.33% of Annual CTC (in Rs.) 90 Days
*Note :- CTC would not include any Performance Linked Bonus, ESOPs, Reimbursements etc.
Interested employer can drop a requirement , we will revert your back soon.
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